Welcome to AMAZON Computers shop

Our computer store, equipment and accessories work with 2008 of the year. We can be called one of the most stable companies operating in the market of office equipment, computers and accessories due to the long history, a large number of satisfied customers, an established company image. Already 10 years old, we successfully sell Computers, for offices, companies, and for individuals. We sell computers gamer, PK, office equipment, accessories, tablets, network hardware, monitors, projectors, and many other products of this orientation. Most of the products we sell, ordered from the United States, It has an elevated level of reliability.

I.e, All our products of excellent quality, and users do not bring any work, either at home.
If you believe that quality is more important for you, we will be happy to see you among our customers.
We sell goods from a warehouse, and in order from the US. You can always choose the goods interesting you, and we will deliver it as soon as possible in Baku. It can be any computer equipment, complexity and performance. It could be any other goods from sources such as Amazon and not only.

Here is our main range of products, presented in the store, and to order. PC and components, laptops (Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo) as well as their accessories, any format printers, gamer accessories (geympadы, headphones, keyboard, etc.. ), monitors, adapters as well as a camera for video surveillance as well as for daily use(action camera, professional cameras, etc.. )

We sell products both physically, from the shop, and with work delivery or dom.Nasha priority — is to provide customers the latest technology and computer products of the highest quality.

We are always glad to welcome you on our website and in our store.
respectfully, Amazon Computers team